Tanzamook Townhomes

Portland, Oregon

Designed, managed and developed in partnership with a local developer and builder in 2008-2009. A 10-unit townhouse project in the Irvington neighborhood of Portland, based on better living in a smaller footprint. Open plan living, large roof decks, acoustic separation from neighbors and sustainable materials attribute to these light-filled, 100% sold units. 




Bamboo Izakaya

Bamboo Izakaya restaurants in Portland Oregon.

Bamboo Sushi NW

Bamboo Sushi

Cupcake Jones

Cupcake Jones retail shop in Portland Oregon.


Jackknife Bar at the Sentinel Hotel.

Krown Lab

Krown Lab's company headquarters in Portland Oregon.

Tanzamook Townhomes

Tanzamook Townhomes, Portland, OR

Beach House

Dominican Republic Beach House

Spice NY & 13th Street

Spice New York - 39 East 13th Street.